Clients Testimonials And Results

Petar has been one the finest personal trainers I have ever worked with and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an honest, knowledgeable and dedicated professional.


Robert S. Castellini

For anyone looking to use Petar to change their lives should not think twice. My daughter and I have greatly benefited from Petra’s callisthenics training by improving fitness, strength and weight loss. It is hard to do it on your own. We all need a helping hand to get the momentum. During this process, we learnt the importance of Sleep, Water, Stress Control, Nutrition and Training which is vital to building a strong foundation. Today, I have plenty of energy and I feel I have turned back the clock by at least 10 years. It feels great to feel alive, light on your feet and agile. Best investment I ever made. Thank you, Petar.


Minesh Shah

Chairman, Web Control UK Ltd

I’ve been working with Petar for 6 months now. When I started I was out of condition and lacking motivation, focusing most of my time on work and very little on myself.
Since starting with Petar I have lost over 20lbs, I’m working out regularly and have gone in 5 notches on my belt. I still have more to do to get to my ideal, but these months have been transitional. I can’t thank Petar enough for helping me on this journey.


Gary Eaves

Co Founder & COO , Embracent

Pete is a great coach and an even better guy. His purpose built program and nutrition plan helped me unlock new ways of training that fit around an impossible schedule and more importantly work!


Tim Gentry

CEO & Co-Founder, TokenTraxx

It’s not an overstatement to say Coach Petar has helped me transform all aspects my life. I had always wanted a better physique, which happened rather quickly under his training, but the coaching that I wasn’t looking for is the real treasure here. After working with Petar for several months, I am stronger in spirit, mind, body, finance – the list is long. I feel a true sense of friendship and support from his coaching. One of the things I admire most is he possesses both the ability to be an explosive catalyst, and a thoughtful and patient professional.


Ryan Graham

Granite Home Loans

Petar is fantastic to work with, he is very flexible and always available outside of our training time for advice and guidance! I want to kick start my training again and develop my calisthenics abilities and Petar has been brilliant to work with!


Indy Chhokar

Petar is an amazing life coach. He has changed my life forever after I met him about 2 years ago recovering from a triple bypass surgery. Since his support I have managed to climb the Kilimanjaro and also heading to the Everest Base Camp next year (2024). Always willing to listen and guide you on the right path.

I reckon he has increased my life by at least 10 years.


Dipesh Parmar

DBP Law Solicitors

Very motivational and inspiring person and pushes you beyond your limits.
Petar is also very approachable and explains things in details.


Jeetesh Raghvani

Easily the best PT I have been in contact with!
Well worth the investment!
I was given a very well structured and well-suited fitness plan that has helped me become the best version of myself! Very grateful for the help Petar has given me!


Keyn Gayle

Petar is an amazing coach. I had just recently come out of some major health issues and needed to build up my strength in order to deal with day-to-day activities. Petar has helped me build up my confidence and built my strength significantly. If you’re looking for somebody who can hold you accountable, who is highly knowledgable and will motivate you to start training which is personalised to you then I would recommend you contact Petar to get started. Today, I am looking to increase my goals to go to the next level.