Petar Stefanov Krastev

Petar Stefanov Krastev

Certified Personal Trainer & WSWCF Street Workout & Calisthenics Trainer


World Street Workout & Calisthenics Federation

Born 1991 in Varna Bulgaria I’ve been living the average life of the bullied kid who almost waste his own life partying until the age of 22. At that time I left Bulgaria for various reasons trying to survive and I stepped in Luton, the UK on 14/09/2014.

I had no faith in God or anything back then and it was only fighting with my inner demons to be something better. I found myself homeless at times and for a year and a half, I was living in a lock-up garage with no water or electricity. This story is long and I won’t talk about it here but I promise you, it inspired many people and it will continue to do so.

After years of struggling, I managed to get the grip of life but I was already 27 years old. I lost all friends and social contact because of work and business and I had no idea what to do with my life.

This is where I was enlightened with the idea that if I want to be truly successful in something I must be fully dedicated and never stop regardless of what’s happening.

I spent 6 months searching for the answer and in the end, I said to my self: ”If I’m going to dedicate my life to something I must make sure that I love this more than anything else.” I chose the sport Calisthenics without having a clue how to make a living with it.

I literally dedicated my whole life to doing something just because I like it and not because of anything else. If you like to hear more please listen to the podcast above.

So this is how it started, in a year and a half I already had an idea of what is possible and I started building up my coaching business.

I’m well known in Clubhouse where I created a club called Limitless Body And Mind and for more than 6 months I was hosting rooms with world-class experts and veterans of the health and fitness industry. This is where I skipped 20 years of narrowing down who I am and I gained the knowledge and the contacts to make my dream reality

Currently, I’m fully booked at all times with clients and I also train for world stages of Street Workout & Calisthenics competitions.

I’m certified by the best in the world WSWCF and my future is nothing less than exciting.

I’m here to help, to serve and I do it with my whole heart and passion simply because I was chosen by some mysterious force to do exactly this.

Bless you, all, thank you for reading this and I’m looking forward to connecting with you.

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