We Are Passionate About Helping Men To Get In The Best Shape Of Their Life

I make sure that all of my clients receive world-class support by providing them with a fully tailored comprehensive plan designed to optimise them and their lives. I personally care for every single person and treat him exactly how I would want to be treated if I needed this myself. Below you’ll see the systems and methods we use to deliver the results and the experience of a truly immersive and life-changing environment.

Proud Founder Of Our Dedicated International Men’s Fitness Team

We get together every year for a life-changing fitness retreat and on a regular basis for smaller events in the UK.

Our annual fitness retreat is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a remote paradise. Surrounded by nature and peace, this transformative experience combines invigorating workouts with moments of serene reflection.

This retreat is designed to rejuvenate your body and spirit, leaving you inspired and ready to elevate your fitness journey. It’s the ultimate fitness getaway in the heart of nature’s sanctuary.

Specialised Mobile Coaching App And Learning Academy

A super user-friendly mobile app that delivers your training program, progress tracking, performance tracking, nutrition coaching, habits tracking and more.

The Coach PK App is essential for effective communication between you and your coach. Inside you’ll have your daily schedule with detailed instructions and videos. It will track your reps, sets, body weight, progress photos, calories, habits etc. and will create easy-to-understand reports to help us identify the areas we need to focus on.

In addition, we also have an online self-learning Academy with educational materials on demand.

Virtual 1 to 1 Training Sessions

To kickstart your transformation we are going to have one physical and environmental assessment to determine what the workout plan should be.

Once you start your journey, depending on your plan you will have virtual training sessions with me as often as necessary. Usually once or twice per week.

These sessions are crucially important to make sure you train safely and understand the details of your comprehensive training plan.

In addition, all sessions will serve as super-charged accountability and inspiration for you to keep your momentum going.

Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

Every week, we host invigorating Zoom calls dedicated to your fitness journey, led by Petar. These calls are designed to be both informative and exhilarating while helping you immerse yourself in one super-charged fitness environment.

During our sessions, we celebrate your accomplishments and address any hurdles you might be facing. We delve into the latest fitness trends, share valuable insights, and explore innovative strategies to help you achieve your fitness goals.

What truly sets these calls apart is the atmosphere of relentless motivation. The encouragement and support are contagious, and you’ll swiftly find yourself seamlessly integrated into our close-knit fitness community.

After experiencing the transformative power of these calls, you’ll eagerly anticipate each one and that will be the highlight of your weeks.

Weekly Video Check-Ins And Updates

Every week your coach will be reviewing all the progress that you’ve made and will be updating your plan accordingly.

We believe in frequent small micro-adjustments that ensure your continuous progress towards your goals.

You’ll receive a video explaining what you’ve done well and what you can improve on. Whenever necessary you’ll have a live conversation with your coach to ensure you’re ready for the next week.

Unlimited Support Via WhatsApp Calls And Messages

As an essential part of true personal coaching, you’ll get unlimited access to me every day of the week. I want you to call me and text me whenever you need, instead of wondering unsure and doing the wrong things. Our communication is essential for your fitness transformation.