Petar is fantastic to work with, he is very flexible and always available outside of our training time for advice and guidance! I want to kick start my training again and develop my calisthenics abilities and Petar has been brilliant to work with!


Indy Chhokar

Indy is one of those guys I’m always excited about. He has the discipline and will power required to follow my guidance and he’s making amazing progress every month.

He wanted to get in better shape after trying on his own and he also wanted to learn more advanced calisthenics skills. We started with some average performance and now he’s turning into a beast.

I’m proud to have him as a client and at the time of writing this we’re still training and moving forward.



For anyone looking to use Petar to change their lives should not think twice. My daughter and I have greatly benefited from Petra’s callisthenics training by improving fitness, strength and weight loss. It is hard to do it on your own. We all need a helping hand to get the momentum. During this process, we learnt the importance of Sleep, Water, Stress Control, Nutrition and Training which is vital to building a strong foundation. Today, I have plenty of energy and I feel I have turned back the clock by at least 10 years. It feels great to feel alive, light on your feet and agile. Best investment I ever made. Thank you, Petar.


Minesh Shah

Minesh had a very tough transformation than began just when he was about to give up on trying because nothing seemed to work in the long run.

He successfully improved his relationship with food and other factors like sleep, recovery, discipline and consistency. He managed to lose multiple kilograms of fat and built the strongest body he ever had.

What’s truly inspiring is that he did this at the age of 52 after leading a very unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle. He was so happy that he pushed his daughter to join the program and later on, he continued inspiring other people. At the moment, in 2022, he’s training all his family and also hosting a company training session for all his employees once a week.

He is a true believer in the necessity of living healthy and pushing himself to be better every day.

I’m blessed to call him a close friend, after all, we’ve been through together!


Amazing trainer. Very approachable and his knowledge is amazing. Helped me achieve my goals and learnt a lot about workouts and diet. Feel very motivated and healthy throughout.


Dipesh Parmar

Dipesh is one of the most inspiring clients I ever had. His journey began at the age of 51, after surviving a triple bypass surgery. In addition, he was overweight with diabetes type 2.

When we started he was barely able to stretch the light resistance bands. The video is shot after 12 weeks of working together but that’s not where our journey ended.

He continued being my client for nearly 1 year and right now we’re very close friends. A week ago we completed a 10k Tough Mudder challenge together.

He’s done many challenges up to date and completely transformed his identity. He lost weight, became stronger, more positive and extremely health conscious. He’s inspiring his family and friends to follow him and start training and living a more active life.


Very motivational and inspiring person and pushes you beyond your limits.
Petar is also very approachable and explains things in details.


Jeetesh Raghvani

I remember how nobody believed he could do this. Jeetesh is an amazing and bright person who was just too overweight and never taught how to be healthy and fit.

He was extremely serious and consistent with my guidance which was all we needed.

His body composition shifted dramatically together with his ability to move, walk and do the daily tasks required to live a free and healthy life.

In the beginning, he struggled to even walk for a mile but all that slowly started to change.

It took serious work from the beginning of his journey but he managed to embrace that and now he’s continuously training and improving his diet.

He showed many people that he can do it and he’s on the way to great results and a future.

The journey never ends but he did the hardest part and that is changing his attitude towards his health and fitness.

Petar is an amazing coach. I had just recently come out of some major health issues and needed to build up my strength in order to deal with day-to-day activities. Petar has helped me build up my confidence and built my strength significantly. If you’re looking for somebody who can hold you accountable, who is highly knowledgable and will motivate you to start training which is personalised to you then I would recommend you contact Petar to get started. Today, I am looking to increase my goals to go to the next level.



Petar has been one the finest personal trainers I I have ever worked with and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an honest, knowledgeable and dedicated professional.


Robert S. Castellini