Schedule A Call With Petar To Discover How To Personalise The 7 ‘Must Do’ Checklist And Smash Your Weightloss Goal

On The Call, You’ll Learn How To Personalise ”THE 7 ‘MUST DO’ TO LOSE WEIGHT AT WORK” Checklist For Your Unique Lifestyle

Eliminate all the confusion and mistakes you can potentially make and learn how you can use the checklist to fit around your lifestyle and smash your weight loss goals

I only have a limited number of calls that I offer for free. Take advantage of this invitation and book your call to start your journey to smash your weight loss goal.

Why Should YOU Jump On The Call?

It’s not always easy to take on new information and personalise it to your individual circumstance so you can always maximise your results.

This call is for you if you are:

  • Feeling overwhelmed because there are so many changes that you have to make and you’re not sure if it’s even going to work.
  • Not sure where to start from.
  • Not sure if some of the points apply to you and you want to know about alternative options.
  • Too busy to waste time learning it all, and you want someone to help you set it up quickly.
  • Not sure if this will work for you because you’ve tried so many things already.
  • Feeling confused and lost from all the information.
  • Simply valuing the extra help from an expert professional.
  • Having any other questions.

There’s so much great value and expertise you can gain from this call with me! Act now because there are limited free spots available!

What Will You Get From Scheduling A Weightloss Strategy Call?

How Much Should You Eat

After learning how to control your caloric intake you also want to know how much exacltly you should be eating. Everyone’s caloric intake is unique and you must get it right to lose weight.

Best Mealplan For You

The strategy for planning your meals will work only if you eat a sustainable diet. You need to create the mealplans without excluding the foods you love the most and that can be tricky.

How Active Should You Be

Depending on your goal, age, activity level and training you do you need a realistic amount of walking that will be just enought to help you lose weight and not too much so you can’t keep up.

Should You Be Working Out

Based on your preference, age, goals, activity level and lifestyle I’ll be able to give you a realistic workout ideas that you can do outside the office if you wish to be more serious about it.

Your Macronutrient Balance

Knowing how to manage macronutrients on daily basis is one thing but how much of all of them you should be eating is another. This can vary by goal, body type, lifestyle and more.

All Questions Answered

I’m sure there are so many things that you might want to ask me in regards to your fitness journey. On this call I’ll be able to answer most of them. It’s fair to say that this can change your life.

Don’t Just Take My Word For It!

I’ve Already Helped Many Men To Personalise The 7 ‘Must Do’ Checklist And Lose Weight.

Petar has been one the finest personal trainers I have ever worked with and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an honest, knowledgeable and dedicated professional.


Robert S. Castellini

For anyone looking to use Petar to change their lives should not think twice. My daughter and I have greatly benefited from Petra’s callisthenics training by improving fitness, strength and weight loss. It is hard to do it on your own. We all need a helping hand to get the momentum. During this process, we learnt the importance of Sleep, Water, Stress Control, Nutrition and Training which is vital to building a strong foundation. Today, I have plenty of energy and I feel I have turned back the clock by at least 10 years. It feels great to feel alive, light on your feet and agile. Best investment I ever made. Thank you, Petar.


Minesh Shah

Petar is fantastic to work with, he is very flexible and always available outside of our training time for advice and guidance! I want to kick start my training again and develop my calisthenics abilities and Petar has been brilliant to work with!


Indy Chhokar

Amazing trainer. Very approachable and his knowledge is amazing. Helped me achieve my goals and learnt a lot about workouts and diet. Feel very motivated and healthy throughout.


Dipesh Parmar

Very motivational and inspiring person and pushes you beyond your limits.
Petar is also very approachable and explains things in details.


Jeetesh Raghvani

Petar is an amazing coach. I had just recently come out of some major health issues and needed to build up my strength in order to deal with day-to-day activities. Petar has helped me build up my confidence and built my strength significantly. If you’re looking for somebody who can hold you accountable, who is highly knowledgable and will motivate you to start training which is personalised to you then I would recommend you contact Petar to get started. Today, I am looking to increase my goals to go to the next level.



I Look Forward To Hearing From You!

It’s important to know that the call comes with no obligations. It’s purely a chance to ring up and find out how I can help you personalise your checklist. With my specialist knowledge, expertise and experience – I’ll work with you to help you reach your goals and help you overcome the problems you’re experiencing.

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